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May 31, 2011

Labour Party Creative Industries Policy Review

The Labour Party's Creative Industries Policy Review will be addressing the question: “Talent, aspiration and growth: Is Britain missing out?”
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The Labour Party's statement regarding the review shows it to be a part of a general re-examination of policy which is clearly at a very early stage.  Any guidance that they receive now may have a significant impact upon how music is prioritised from the next Parliament and may inform opposition responses to current government initiatives.
The Labour Party's Creative Industries Policy Review will be addressing the question: “Talent, aspiration and growth: Is Britain missing out?” and through it Labour will aim to identify the range of factors which will sustain the UK’s competitive advantage in the Creative Industries and look at what the industry needs to innovate and thrive. It will also address what can be done to ensure that the jobs, in a key sector for growth, are available to people based on their aspiration and talent not their social background.

Through partnership with a number of independent think thanks we will specifically looking at the following questions in more detail:

  • How digital technology is changing business models and blurring the boundaries between production, distribution and   consumption

  • How to articulate the value of arts and culture

  • Access to business and employment opportunities within the Creative Industries

  • How to stimulate growth and support the cultural and creative economy

This is the first stage of the process, which will last until June 2011, after which Ivan Lewis will be contributing a preliminary report to the Labour Party’s wider Policy Review. The report will not aim to propose a full complement of specific detailed policies, rather a deeper understanding of the direction and focus for Labour’s policies towards the sector. This will include drawing out key questions which will need to be looked at in more detail during the next stage (anticipated to begin in September 2011). There will be plenty of opportunity for organisations and experts from across the Creative Industries to feed into this process, especially to respond on specific issues further down the line.

If you would like to submit information to shape Labour’s thinking at this stage, please email the document to labourpolicyreview@gmail.com before the end of May. We will also keep you informed with the Policy Review process going forward. Given the high response rate expected to this consultation we will not be able to give individual feedback to each submission, however the policy review team are keen to hear from as wide a cross-section of voices as possible throughout the policy review process.