The National Music Council

Since 1953 the National Music Council has existed to celebrate and promote the value and enjoyment of music. The landscape in which it operates has changed considerably in that time and there are now a plethora of organisations working in this arena, some of which overlap with the work of NMC.
The Executive Committee sought advice on what the future of NMC might look like and following a report from independent consultant Leslie East took the decision in May 2015 to suspend operations. The report recommended and Executive Committee agreed that there is value in the networking opportunities NMC provided and as such, NMC is working towards reshaping the organisation with a much looser remit focussed around networking.
The NMC Music Education Awards, which recognise at a national level the work undertaken by local authorities and music education hubs, will continue under the stewardship of the Music Education Council. Any queries should be directed to
The Executive Committee continues on in a voluntary capacity in order to meet their obligations as trustees of the charity and enquiries about any other aspect of NMC’s work should be directed to
Mark Pemberton
Chair, National Music Council
August 2015